Sustainable Projects Developers Association is an independent not-for-profit, membership based organization. We represent and work with India’s leading renewable energy sector, which, together with the market, ensures that solar energy becomes the main driver in the clean energy transition in India. We influence relevant decision-making and steer the agenda around legislation, regulations, and subsidies. As an industry association, we work with our members to inspire, inform, connect, and further professionalize the Indian solar energy sector.

Our Vision is for India to be powered by Clean and Green Energy

We are committed to accelerating the transformation of India’s Clean energy system to one that is smarter and cleaner. We do this through

  • Providing a strong voice for our members
  • Standing up for the industry
  • Promoting the clean energy industry
  • Developing and driving effective policy and advocacy
  • Working with industry to continually improve standards and maintain integrity
  • Working closely with Central and State governments to increase demand for clean energy products
  • Providing services and initiatives to members and the wider industry that help to grow the sector